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About the Company

MANBLANTM - trading and manufacturing company, which started its activities in 2003 with the installation of solar and backup power systems. Later we signed a dealership agreement with Russian and international manufacturers of equipment and began to develop wholesale sales, has launched an online store for sales to individual clients throughout Russia and the CIS countries.

The basic principle

We offer the only proven high-quality solutions. All equipment undergoes a rigorous selection of quality. Therefore, in our range of products are only tested. We provide warranty and post-warranty service.

Areas of activity

  • Radio towers - telescopic composite truss and radio masts up to 30 meters, flag poles for antennas, cameras, other radio.
  • Greenhouse and glasshouse automation - manufacturing panes for greenhouses, auto vents, greenhouse, lighting for industrial and suburban greenhouses.
  • Glowing stones - the exclusive dealer OSCAR-SIB in Moscow regione.Svetyaschiesya stones, boulders, pots, aquarium glowing stones. Products are widely used in landscaping, the aquarist.
  • Universal hardware - widely known today for use in greenhouses, but its capabilities are limitless applications. Phillips, T-shaped and angled fittings for square tube 20x20 allows you to create any design without the use of welding.
  • Vertical wind turbines MAGLEV. This vertical wind generators, brushless three-phase AC generator rotor Savonius and Darrieus. Have low breakaway speed and generation compared with conventional horizontal wind turbines.
  • The uninterruptible power supply and backup. Power from 300 watts to 18 kilowatts, can provide electricity for your home at the city network outages, or to realize the autonomous power supply using solar panels, wind generator. Absolutely silent system accumulates charge in the batteries.

    Our openness

    We are always in search of interesting products and offers. If you have a suggestion, please contact us!

    Our Services

    Our transport company supplies all over the world. Therefore, we have successfully cooperated with Russian and international suppliers to.

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